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1  Support / Player Reports / Reports Guideline on: November 29, 2009, 06:50:25 pm
Make a separate thread for a player that you want to report to us. In order for it to be a valid report, we need at least 2 screenshots of the event and a good reason as to why we should punish the player.

Do not insult anyone in any of the threads even if the individual is reported or is the one reporting.

We will judge and make our decisions as bias-free as possible.
2  Guild Section / Guild Talk / Guild Talk Rules on: November 29, 2009, 06:42:09 pm
This section is where our unique guilds talk to their guild members on upcoming guild events or so forth. You can make a thread for your own guild if you have at least 5 different people in your guild (not just your own characters).

Do not spam here, and have fun~
3  The Extra Section / Stories/Written Works / Rules to Follow on: November 29, 2009, 06:39:44 pm
For this section, you may start your own thread and post your narrative works! Share some of your amazing stories or ideas~

When you criticize or comment on someone else's work, do not insult at all. Give the author some constructive criticism.

Have fun!
4  The Extra Section / Arts and Graphics / Guideline to Follow on: November 29, 2009, 06:34:25 pm
For this section, you may start your own thread and post your artworks! Share some of your amazing drawings or graphics~

When you criticize or comment on someone else's work, do not insult at all. Give the artist some constructive criticism.

Have fun!
5  Starlite RO Management / Events / Event Ideas on: November 29, 2009, 06:30:40 pm
 I'll start off the list of the ones I know so far:

Basic Events

-Dice Event:
Basically, reach the GM at wherever he or she is standing at (the line he/she is on) through a series of dice rolls. This is how you win the event. First one there wins! Use /dice and compare what you got to the GM's dice roll. If your roll is less or equal to the GM's, you can move forward ONE space. If your roll is greater than the GM's, you remain in your position.

Preferred number of participants: 8 or more players.

-Hide-and-Seek Event:
This event is fairly simple. You just have to find the GM hiding on a map he or she picks. The GM may or may not give clues (minimum one clue) which will probably affect the prize the winner earns. Find the GM FIRST to win! The map can be any map (no restrictions; can be a town, field. or dungeon. Most likely, the GM will hide in a town because no players should really die in a hide-and-seek event).

Preferred number of participants: At least 5 or more players should be searching for the GM.

-Guess the Monster Event:
In this event, you have to guess the monster that the GM is disguised as. You have to type the monster name FIRST and WITH THE CORRECT SPELLING. You do not have to add a capital for the first letter, but you can if you desire to do so. Please do not spam more than once. If you get the spelling wrong the first time, your other correct answers will be disregarded (only for that certain match). Do not argue with the GM in this event unless you are pointing out something to the GM politely. Thank you!

Preferred number of participants: At least 6 or more players.

There are probably more basic events, but I will edit when I get more input or remember.

Special Events

-PvPing with the MvPs:
In this special event, there will be at least two teams (around 4-5 on each team). On a certain map, there will be portals on opposite ends of the map (one at each end). Each team has its own portal--they must guard the MvP that lies in the place where the portal leads to. The opposing team must kill the other team's MvP to win the match. In addition, players can kill each other, so you can defend your portal/MvP as well as hunt the other team's MvP down. Players can go back to the site after death. It's a really fun and intense event!~

Preferred number of participants: At least 8 or more players.

-Nuke Dice Event or also known as 1234 Dice Event:
For this event, players will be situated on a map with the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4 available (there are 2-3 warps for this event). Players must obey what the GM says or else it is an instant nuke (but the player must remain on the map; do not warp away). The GM will broadcast the word "Start", and the players will run around, going from numbers to numbers until the hoster says "Stop". Players must stop immediately and stay on the number they are on or closest to. Do not continue walking/running. The GM will then roll a die (/dice). Whatever the GM gets will result in that numbered area to be nuked (all players on the numbered area). The other players remain alive. This event will continue until there is one survivor left. Rules might be changed during the event to accomodate a few things, so do not argue with the event hoster. If the GM rolls 5 or 6, he or she will roll again until the value is 1, 2, 3, or 4. Do not warp out after death.

Preferred number of participants: 10 or more players.

-Clean the Room Event:
This event is also quite fun--players must clear their room of MvPs to win. There will be two teams, and each team gets its own "room" to clean. Players can keep coming back to the site after death.

Preferred number of participants: 8 or more players.

-Warp Portal Event:
This is a very quick event. The GM will have three temporary warp portals ready for players to choose from. Players will all enter one of the portals at the same time. If the players warp out of the map, they already lost the match and must remain where they are warped to or PM the GM. The remaining players on the map will keep choosing other portals that the GM will create. The last one remaining on the map wins! It is possible to have no winners for this event (it is a fast event, so there is probably more than one round for this event).

Preferred number of participants: 10 or more players.

-Poporing Drop Event:
This event will only be hosted a couple of times if the Admins give permission to do so. On a huge map, poporings or other monsters that can loot will be carrying junk and perhaps valuable things (quest items or even customs if allowed). Players will go on a free-for-all battle to kill all the monsters. Be sure to @autoloot!

Preferred number of participants: 15 or more players.

-Team WoE Event:
The title might be self-explanatory, but here I go. There will be two guilds competing for one emperium. There might be obstacles in the way such as MvPs. The event will last for around one hour.

Preferred number of participants: 12 or more players. All maxed.

-Team PvP Event:
This event is simple to understand as well. There will be at least two teams--players fight the opposite team. There will be at least three matches. In each of the match, the last surviving team wins it. Maxed levels please.

Preferred number of participants: 10 or more players.

-Save the Castle Event:
Similar to the other MvP events, but everyone helps each other in this one. The GM will pick one castle or a tower with multiple floors and summon all sorts of monsters. Players must CLEAR ALL MONSTERS on each floor to advance to the next floor. On the top floor, there will be looter monsters that may have some good prizes~

Preferred number of participants: 12 or more players.

Novice Events

-Zombie Raid Event:
Players must use level 1 novice (for both base and job levels) in order to join the event. In this event, the GM will spawn monsters that will chase the players around. Last player remaining wins the match! To those players who died, do not warp away or log out. No equipment or items allowed. No buffs as well.

Preferred number of participants: 8 or more players.

-21 Whack Event:
For this event, players will abide by the same requirements as all novice events: Only use level 1/1 novices. The GM will spawn a shining plant, and players can hit it either one or two times. Whoever kills the plant LOSES and is out for the match. Players will line up and take turns accordingly.

Preferred number of participants: 6 or more players.

-Run for the Basilica Event:
This is a fun event! Two GMs are needed (or at least 2 priests). The GM will use the skill "Basilica" which will act as a safe spot for the novices (follow novice events requirements). There will be zombies around the map. The players must run across the map to the basilica on the other side. Plyares will keep running back and forth until there is 1-2 players left in the game.

Preferred number of participants: 10 or more players.

Other Types of Events:

Well, I won't go into detail unless someone wants more information. I'll just post the names of the events.

-4 Corners Event (involves picking a number, and the GM using Tarot Card on players and using /dice)
-Monster Invasion Event (kill all sorts of monsters to save the town)
-Fashion Event (2-3 GMs are needed; players wear customs according to the theme the Event GM chooses; judging)
-Race Room Event (turbo_room or the poring track)
-Racing (the GM will use ground drift skill, and the players have to survive and reach the middle. Players can revive and come back into the race begin once again from the starting point. Try not to die as much as possible!)
-Soccer Event (more details can be given if asked to do so)
-Poring Death Event (one touch from poring and the player dies; last one remaining wins)
-Mafia (kind of like the game "Clue"--kill a player and find out who did it)
-Shark and Minnows Event (just like the game "Octopus"; more information can be provided if PMed)
-Maze Event (go through a series of portals that lead to different places; this might be hard to host)
-Guess the Password Event (the GM will have a locked chat room up, and players should guess what the password is in order to go into the chat room. Hints will be provided by the GM)
-Talkie Box Event
-Monster Invasion
-Bomb Poring Event (Loot things while dying Grin)
-Bomb Poring PvP
-Find the Hiders (A person or two will be disguised in the fields--maybe prt fields--and players would hunt them down~)

Credits: Yuki, Keke, Elaine, and Cookiie.

I can explain more about the Bomb Poring events if needed to.

Thanks for reading! If anyone would like to add more to these ideas or have some new event ideas, don't hesitate to post!

Have fun, people~
6  Starlite RO Management / Downloads / Downloads Section on: November 29, 2009, 05:16:19 pm
We will be posting our server's client and other downloads as we go! Stay tune~
7  Starlite RO Management / Updates / New Websites on: November 29, 2009, 04:08:42 pm
We have a new main website and forum! Check them out with the forum tabs~

Have fun!
8  Community / Forum Games / Count from 1 to ? on: November 29, 2009, 04:07:49 pm
This forum game is more like a spam game xD.

Just type the next number in order.

I'll start it~

9  Community / Forum Games / This or That Game on: November 29, 2009, 04:06:05 pm
For this forum game, you just to need select one of the two choices provided by the person above you. Afterwards, post another question with two choices to let the next person choose between them.

I'll start it off first:

Sun or Moon?
10  Starlite RO Management / Updates / Updates Section on: November 29, 2009, 04:01:30 pm
We will be posting updates in this section! Be sure to keep up with the server changes~ You might want to patch if we announce any updates that are implemented.
11  Support / Suggestions/Polls / Rules for the Suggestions Section on: November 29, 2009, 03:58:20 pm
I understand that the server can always use some good improvements! If you want to suggest, please make a new thread in this section, and we'll take a peek your suggestions.

Keep in mind:

1. Do not abuse this section. Do not post random posts with no relevance to this section and to the title of your thread (be specific in your thread's title).

2. Make suggestions that are reasonable and performable. The suggestions may not take place as quickly as you want them to be--the staff is busy at times as well.

3. Do not use profane languages here.

4. Be nice when you are criticizing/commenting on other people's suggestions.

5. Do not argue against a staff member if he or she says that the suggestion is not doable.

Have fun posting! Thanks for your ideas~
12  Community / Introductions/Farewells / Rules for the Introductions/Farewells Section on: November 29, 2009, 03:51:25 pm
This is the section where you can post your introductions and your farewells (hopefully not that latter choice)~

You can make a separate thread IN THIS Introductions/Goodbye SECTION (do not post it elsewhere or else the administrators and moderators have to move it).

Do not flame (insult) others here. If you do so, you will have to face the forum punishments. Please make this server clean and fun for everyone! That goes for the forums as well~

So yeah, you can talk about yourselves here and know more about each other! Have fun.
13  Starlite RO Management / Server Information / Re: Server Details on: November 28, 2009, 07:02:40 pm
More Details:

Card Drop Rates:

Normal Monster Cards: 5%
MvP Cards: 3%

Item Drop Rate: Normal Drop Rate Stats (1337x)
14  Starlite RO Management / Server Information / Forum Rules on: November 28, 2009, 07:01:47 pm
Forum Rules:

The forum rules are similar to the in-game chat rules.

1. Do not spam posts. This means that you should type words that are related to the topic. Do not put just “hehe” or “haha” and other words along that line (no useless comments). The good thing about this forum is that if you double post, it would just add on to the previous post. Only double post if you have to (like for guides). Do not abuse it. Furthermore, do not just reply with one word unless it is a forums game (like the “This or That” thread).

2. Keep the comments PG 13. There are younger people who play this game, so do not bombard the server with perverted comments.

3. Do not use vulgar or inappropriate words when creating a forum thread or posting a reply. Keep the words clean. No racist comments please. Try not to swear as much in your replies. Also, when you are making a thread, make an appropriate title so that people would know what it is about.

4. Do not flame people on the forums. This means that you should not insult people (e.g. things about PvP like how they lack skills compared to you and whatnot). Be friendly to one another!

5. If you are starting a thread, please post it in the right section. Do not make the moderators or administrators move it. It becomes a hassle.


If you do not abide by the forum rules, you MAY have to deal with the consequences depending on how severe your actions were. The moderators and administrators can decide what the appropriate punishments are. Do not question them.

Punishments range from a half-day ban to 3 days ban on your forum account.
15  Starlite RO Management / Server Information / In-game Server Rules on: November 28, 2009, 06:59:40 pm
In-game Rules:
There are always rules for every RO servers out there, so as players, you should obey them to the best of your abilities to ensure that everybody has a good time here~

Chat Rules:

1. Do not ask for items from people repeatedly. If people do not agree to it the first time, do not continue to pester the players. After all, everyone worked hard to hunt for zeny and their items, so do not waste their efforts with your selfishness. This rule also applies to the new players. There are people who are willing to give their items to new players, but not all players are like this; therefore, do not bother those who are not willing to offer their things to you. Nobody has to give items for free unless the individual feels like he or she wants to.

2. Do not spam your words. Repeating the same thing numerous times during a short period is counted as spamming. Players are bothered by this, and it ruins the public chat. If you are caught spamming the same thing 3 times or more, you will be punished.

3. Do not advertise other servers when you are playing on this server. You may talk about the old server that you’ve been to, but do not convince anyone to join another server. That would be known as “player stealing” which is not beneficial to the server. The best case scenario is to not mention another server’s name at all.

4. Do not harass anyone on the server. What this means is that you should not say anything offensive to those around you: Do not be discriminating. So, no insulting, cursing, calling people racist names, flaming, bashing and etc are allowed.

PvP Rules:

1. The number one rule for PvP is NO TEAMING. This means that you cannot attack an individual that another person is attacking. That would obviously be unfair to the victim. If you use AoE spells and hit more than one person, the people would attack you back, so you just have to be careful about that on your own terms. Do not help asperio your friend’s opponent or strip someone of his or her equipment. You can only buff your friends if you wish to do so (like FCP, increase agility, and so forth). If someone misclicks, do not blame them. They should not do it again. If the situation repeats, just attack the person~

2. Do not laugh about someone’s death in PvP. PvP is supposed to be fun, so don’t ruin the mood with your pride. Do not gloat about your victory.

3. If you are fighting someone, fight with them to the end. You can run around the map and make the person chase you, but do not log out. That would be really unfair to the opponent. If you are caught doing that, you will be punished for sure.

WoE Rules:

1. Your guild should have an emblem before your members participate in WoE. That way, people would know which guild is in charge of the castle. (The flag in town does not say the guild’s name. It only shows the guild emblem.)

2. Do not use Ice Wall or Fire Wall skill in right front of each portal. You can use them further within the rooms (just not in front of each entrance). You may use traps.

Very Important Rules:
These rules are very important to follow. If you are caught breaking one of these rules, you will be punished severely, so do not break any!

1. Impersonation of a GM or Admin: You cannot use “Admin” in front of your name (or at the back). The same goes for the prefix and suffix “GM”, so please keep this in mind when you are making your characters. Starlite RO staff members will have either “Admin” or “GM” in front of their names. If you are not sure, be sure to type @who and see if the person has server powers. Administrators and Game Masters will never ask for your username or password unless it is a really serious emergency. Do not tell people that you are a Game Master or an Administrator.

2. Botting is not permitted. Do not used third party programs to level up or hunt for items. If you are caught botting, face the consequences that follow.

3. Hacking is not allowed as well. If there is an error, and you have a screenshot to prove that you have some items, do not “photoshop” it or use other image alterating programs. It’s not good to lie!

4. Do not sell your account because if problem occurs and that you were lied to, we cannot do anything about it. It would be your fault for telling the other party your username and password. It’s best that you do not trade accounts or share accounts. We will not recover lost items if someone went into your account and took them.

5. Listen to what the Admins and GMs say. Do not go against their words. If they are being corrupt, you may report them in the report section. They will receive punishments then. Otherwise, do not annoy them. They are here to make the community more fun and player-friendly.

6. Don't start trouble or drama with ANYONE. We have had it with drama, so we won't be nice if you break this rule.

7. Don't cheat players out of items/money/currency. We want fairness while this server is around.

8. No cheating during any events/contests. If we explain the rules, and you have questions about some of the rules, then ask us. Don't just assume that if we didn't say "No warping", then don't just start warping. And if you die during an event, do no respawn and then warp back to the map. We will know if you did and you will be disqualified instantly from the event. Yes, that means that you won't get an type of prize if you're disqualified.

9. If you don't like the events that are currently being hosted, then don't participate in them.If you participate, then start acting like a total idiot, then we will be forced to mean upon you. Also, do not talk trash about the events or the GM's hosting the events.

10. If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it at all. We're tired of hearing a bunch of BS about either the events, server, players, or GMs/Admins. Don't get us angry and problems won't start. If you don't like the server, then just leave. We don't need or want you here if all you're gonna do is whine worse than a 4-year old.

11. Do not have inappropriate content in your name or posts. We want this to be a clean server, not a perverted one. It must be appropriate! Nothing sexual, violent etc. should be in your name. Violence can be in posts but not in names.


If you are caught or reported to break any of the rules listed above (all the sections), you will have to receive punishments.

These punishments would range from a 10 minute mute to a 3 days ban. If you are a notorious player (you keep on getting reported or caught), you will be permanently banned.

Admins and GMs are allowed to pick what punishments the perpetrators deserve. Do not question or irritate them.

There might be more rules added in the future or that the previous rules might be changed. Thank you for reading~
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